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Sun Cured

Sun-Cured (SC) is a tobacco type, which is dried under direct sun light. Sun Cured tobacco is transplanted at the end of rainy season and harvested during the dry season. In general color of Sun Cured tobacco are from light brown to dark brown. Sun Cured tobacco is processed and manufactured in Bundle, Loose Leaf or Handstrip form.

Famous Sun Cured areas are Madura, Paiton, Weleri, Meranggen, Temanggung, Klaten, Kedu, Muntilan, Magetan, Bojonegoro, Jombang, Mojokerto, Besuki and Jember. In general those types area used as basic material for cigarette and cigar blends.

Jatim Voor Oogst (VO)

Jatim (VO) is a kind of tobacco Sun Cured tobacco grown in various areas in East and Central Java.

Madura Voor Oogst (VO)

Madura (VO) has an oriental character, mainly grown in Madura island (gunung & sawah types).

Kasturi Voor Oogst (VO)

Kasturi (VO) is also known as Besuki VO, generally grown in Jember and surrounding areas.This type requires a fermentation process before it is processed and produced in Bundle (Un-redried), Loose Leaf and Handstrips form (Redried).