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In the growth of tobacco business, the support of Agronomy department is required to maintain the sustainability tobacco production. Sustainability tobacco production is a productive, competitive, and efficient way to produce tobacco, while at the same time protecting and improving the natural environment and socio-economic conditions of local communities. The Agronomy Department is in charge of keeping the continuity of the farmers as a supplier to be consistent in providing the good quality tobacco as demanded by the customers, and improving the socio-economic conditions of the farmers.

To maintain the sustainability tobacco production, a good agriculture practices should be implemented.

It includes:

  1. Crop : Promote profitable tobacco crops: quality, yield, integrity
  2. Environment : Minimize tobacco farming impact on the environment: water, forest, energy
  3. People : Ensure safe and fair working conditions; progressively eliminate labor issues on farms

PSU Agronomy support all customer’s program such as ALP, GAP, and STP.