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Latest News

  • Agronomy
    Written by Administrator
    In the growth of tobacco business, the support of Agronomy department is required to maintain the sustainability tobacco production. Sustainability tobacco production is a productive, competitive, a...

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    Quality Control and Laboratory
    Written by Administrator
    We have a strong commitment to prepare high-quality products. Our QC department is responsible to make this happen. We conduct a series of integrated activities. Some of the activities are included:...

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  • Processing & Redrying
    Written by Administrator
    PSU redrying equipments is handling the final stage of PSU product stabilizing the coloring and fixing the moisture content. Of cPSUse this sophisticated process requires top quality equipments and ...

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    Dark Air Cured
    Written by Administrator
      Dark Air Cured is cured by hanging tobacco leaves in open barns (aeration) by natural air flow.   Besuki Na Oogst (BNO) is one of the Dark Air Cured tobacco types used for cigars. Besuki NO can...

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    Dark Fired Cured
    Written by Administrator
    Dark Fired is cured in special tobacco barns with using smoke from rejected wood and rice husk.In general, the color of the leaves are reddish brown to dark brown.This type in general is coming fr...

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